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Gourmet Food

  • Songi Bulgogi
  • Songi Bulgogi (Marinated and Grilled Beef with Pine Mushroom)
    A liquor matured with medical herbs such as okapi, pine leaves and cinnamon etc. as well as good rice, Korean barley and clean water from the upper stream of Nakdonggang (river). Traditional home-brewed liquor that the natural taste, fragrance and color are kept.
  • Bonghwa Sansongi Dolsotbap
  • Bonghwa Sansongi Dolsotbap (Rice Cooked in Stone Pot with Wild Pine Mushroom)
    Rice and assorted grains are cooked in the broth of Hanyagu (meat of Korean beef cattle raised on medicinal herbs) inside a stone pot. When the rice is almost cooked, Songi (pine mushroom) is added to enhance the overall nutritional value and to enjoy the great fragrance of Songi.
  • Bongseong Dwaeji Sutbulgui
  • Bongseong Dwaeji Sutbulgui (Marinated and Charcoal-grilled Pork)
    The thickly sliced pork is grilled on the charcoal made with pine wood. The fragrance of pine tree soaks into the pork, enhancing the taste and texture of meat. Rich in vitamins, calcium and protein, pork added with terpene by charcoal grilling is good for preventing adult diseases.
  • Hanyagu Sutbulgurii
  • Hanyagu Sutbulguri (Marinated and Charcoal-grilled Korean Beef)
    Beef sirloin and ribs are marinated in seasonings and grilled on stone. Compared to general Korean beef products, Hanyagu is higher in protein contents. Therefore, the texture is softer and the meat is tastier.
  • Hanyak Yaksu Dakbaeksuk
  • Hanyak Yaksu Dakbaeksuk (Chicken Broiled with Medicinal Herbs in Mineral Water)
    Chicken is broiled in the broth made with mineral water and medicinal herbs, such as Hwanggi (milk vetch root), Gugija (Chinese matrimony vine), Danggwi (Korean angelica) and ginseng. This dish stimulates the appetite and therefore is good for the summer season.

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