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Bonghwa Euneo (Sweetfish) Festival

Bonghwa Sweetfish Festival

Bonghwa Sweetfish Festival is a popular annual summer event held from the end of July until the beginning of August. The festival offers not only experience programs for visitors to catch sweetfish directly from the river but also various events including Sweetfish Food Market, Freshwater Fish Exhibition, Water Sports, and Bus Tour of Cultural and Historic Sites in Bonghwa.

Festival in Brief

    Event Title
  • Bonghwa Euneo (Sweetfish) Festival
  • Period
  • Every year from end of July to beginning of August (8 days)
  • Location
  • All over Naeseongcheon and Bonghwaeup Sports Park
  • Main EventsOfficial Events & Performances
  • Opening Ceremony, Opening Performance, Cultural Arts and Performances, Sweetfish Song Festival, Closing Ceremony, etc.
  • Experience Events
  • Catching Sweetfish Using Scoop Nets, Catching Sweetfish with Bare Hands, Sweetfish Night Fishing, Char-broiling Sweetfish, Exploring Sweetfish Habitats, Photography Event, Children’s Water Sports, etc.
  • Related Events
  • Family Walking, Bus Tour of Cultural & Historic Sites in Bonghwa, Bonghwa Water Park, etc.
  • Exhibitions & Additional Events
  • Sweetfish Theme Hall, Sweetfish Topiary Photo Zone, Character Lanterns Exhibition, Poetry & Painting Exhibitions, Photography Exhibition, Sweetfish Food Market, Local Food Stalls, Local Specialties & Produce, Live Sweetfish & Deep-fried Sweetfish Sales, etc

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