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Bonghwa Pine Mushroom Festival

Bonghwa Songi Festiva

Bonghwa Pine Mushroom Festival is an annual festival seeking to promote the culture and tourism of Bonghwa and the excellence of pine mushroom from Bonghwa, the largest producer of pine mushroom in South Korea. Since its foundation in 1997, the festival has been organized from around the end of September until early October, during which visitors can collect natural pine mushroom in the wild, since pine mushroom cannot be artificially cultivated. Various events, such as Pine Mushroom Experience, Pine Mushroom Food Market, and Pine Mushroom Sales Event, are designed to promote harmony between nature and people.

Festival in Brief

    Event Title
  • Bonghwa Pine Mushroom Festival
  • Period
  • Every Year from End of September to Beginning of October (4 days)
  • Location
  • All over Songi Mountain and Bonghwaeup Sports Park
  • Main EventsPerformances
  • Opening Ceremony, Opening Performance, Cultural Arts and Performances, Pine Mushroom Song Festival, Closing Ceremony, etc.
  • Cultural Events
  • National Korean Poetry Contest, Student & Housewife Writing Contest, Tug-of-war, Korean Traditional Percussion Contest, etc.
  • Experience Events
  • Pine Mushroom Experience, Pine Mushroom Bowling, Traditional Folk Games, Korean Food Making, Pine Mushroom Auction, etc.
  • Exhibitions
  • Bonghwa Luxury Pine Mushroom Exhibition, Pine Mushroom Playground, Pine Mushroom Food Exhibition, Poetry & Painting Exhibition, Watercolor Painting Exhibition, Wild Flower Exhibition, Korean Boudoir Handicraft Exhibition, etc.
  • Related Events
  • Family Walking, Bus Tour of Cultural & Historic Sites in Bonghwa, Bonghwa Pine Mushroom National Marathon, etc.
  • Additional Events
  • Bonghwa Pine Mushroom Marketplace, Pine Mushroom Food Market, Local Specialties & Produce Sales and Local Promotional Hall, etc.

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