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Mt. Cheongryang, Bonghwa

Mt. Cheongryang

Mount Cheongryang, also known as Sogeumgang, is famous for its stunning natural scenery consisting of 12 peaks of rugged precipices and fantastic rock formations along Nakdong River. In the mountains are 27 sites of former temples and hermitages as well as historic sites: Yuribojeon Building founded by Venerable Monk Wonhyo; Cheongryangjeongsa Temple where noted scholar Yi Hwang practiced asceticism and compiled Neo-Confucianism; historic sites Goundae and Dokseodang associated with Silla scholar Choi Chi-won; Gimsaenggul where calligrapher Kim Saeng studied; Gongminwangdang Hall where King Gongmi stayed; and fortresses. In the history-rich Mt. Cheongryang in Bonghwa County, the original ritual commemorating King Gongmin has been held to this day, for the mountain is not only highly evaluated for its folk history but also regarded as an important historic site with spectacular natural sceneries.

Mount Cheongrayng was designated as a provincial park in 1982 and has been protected as nationally designated Historic Site No. 23 since 2007.

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