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Mt. Cheongryang Provincial Park

Mt. Cheongnyang Provincial Park

With magnificent views of the nature, this celebrated mountain has been called a 'small Mt. Geumgang' since ancient times. The odd-shaped rocks and cliffs form the 12 peaks. Nakdong River originating from Mt. Taebaek flows through the majestic valleys.

There are 27 temples and sites of Buddhist monks' cells. In addition, Mt. Cheongnyang is filled with numerous historical sites and remains, such as Yuribojeon built by the Great Priest Wonhyo, Cheongnyangjeongsa where Toegye, Lee Hwang compiled the doctrines of Sung Confucianism, Gowundae holding the remains of Choi Chi-won, Gimsaenggul Cave where Kim Saeng studied calligraphy.

The House of King Gongmin, which was a hiding place of King Gongmin, and a mountain fortress. A 52.9km² of Mt. Cheongnyang was designated as a provincial park in 1982.

cheongyangCheongnyang PeaksCheongnyang Peaks of Mt. CheongnyangCheongnyangsaTempl Cheongnyangsa TempleCheongnyangsaTemple Stone Pagoda at   Cheongnyangsa Temple

Haneuldari Bridge

Measuring 90m in length, this bridge is installed at the height of 70m connecting Seonhak Peak to Jaran Peak located at 800m above the sea level. As the largest suspension bridge in Korea, Haneuldari Bridge is also located at the highest point in Korea.


Teokgeolbawi Rock

Nakdong River meanders around the odd-shaped rocks of Oecheongnyang. Teokgeolbawi Rock is associated with an old tale that General Lim held on to this rock and chinned himself up while crossing a river during the Manchu War. Early spring, royal azaleas bloom along the riverside, creating a magnificent spectacle to behold.



This is was a site for executing criminals while King Gongmin of Goryeo took refuge in this mountain. The walls are rugged and irregularly shaped.

Geumtap Peak

Geumtap Peak

Geumtap Peak consists with nine layers of cliffs forming a spectacle soaring through the clouds. Underneath the peak, four 4 sites of monks' cells and Chongnyeongsu Spring are located.

Dongpungseok Peak

Dongpungseok Rock

On top of a cliff at the back of Eungjinjeon where the Great Priest Wonhyo stayed to practice asceticism, a round rock sits dangerously as if about to fall in wind. Hence, this rock is named Dongpungseok Rock.
- Eungjinjeon and Dongpungseok Rock

Mt. Cheongnyang Museum

Mt. Cheongnyang Museum

Measuring 1272m², this 3-storied museum is used to collect, preserve, study and exhibit data relating to Mt. Cheongnyang. Publicity center is located on level 1, storage and exhibition area on level 2 and observatory and rest area on level 3. Mt. Cheongnyang Museum is a space to study and learn about the history and natural ecology of Mt. Cheongnyang.

  • Publicity Center
  • Observatory