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Mt. Taebaek Storage, Bonghwa

Mt. Taebaek Storage Site

This is the location of the Mt. Taebaek Storage keeping the Chronicles of the Joseon Dynasty. Mt. Taebaek Storage is one of five storage sites of the Joseon dynasty.

Built in 1060 (the 39th year of rule by King Seonjo), this storage site was used for approximately 300 years to store the Chronicles of the Joseon Dynasty. The Chronicles of the Joseon Dynasty stored here were moved to Gyeongseong

Imperial University by the Joseon Government-General after the Japanese invasion. Currently, the Chronicles are stored at the Kyujanggak Institute of Korean Studies at Seoul National University.

The storage building had been left unattended for approximately 30 years after transfer of the Chronicles. Then, at around the time of liberation, it was completely destroyed by fire. The original form has been lost as the remains were buried under soil and scrub trees after a landslide.

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