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Mineral Springs

Ojeon Mineral Spring

Ojeon Mineral Spring

Located in Ojeon-ri, Murya-myeon, Ojeon Yaksutang (Mineral Spring) was first discovered by a peddler during the reign of King Seongjong of the Joseon dynasty and later selected as the best mineral spring at the Joseon Spring Water Contest. With its delicious taste and fizzy sensation, the carbonated water including the site became widely known as a picnic spot in summertime – especially since the area featuring free camping grounds near the clean valley nearby was designated as a tourist attraction in 1985


Dadeok Mineral Spring Tourist Attraction

Located along National Highway No. 36 connecting Bonghwa and Uljin and about 8 km away from the mineral spring in Bonghwa-eup, the area was designated as a Local Food Zone by Bonghwa County. Under the old zelkova tree is a mineral spring long known for its power to heal stomach and skin ailments; thus, it was called “Dadeok Yaksu,” which means “mineral water with lots of goodness.” The mineral water is carbonated similar to Ojeon Mineral Spring.