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Famous Mountains

Mt. Munsu

Mt. Munsu

As a guardian mountain of Bonghwa, Mt. Munsu stands at 1,205m above the sea level. During the era of the Shilla dynasty, Buddhist Priest Jajangyulsa practiced asceticism at the Sudasa Temple in Pyeongchang-gun, Gwangwon-do named this mountain 'Mt. Munsu' after Munsu Bosal reincarnated in this mountain while wandering about in search for Mt. Taebaek. The three representative mineral springs of Bonghwa, such as Ojeon, Dunae and Dadeok Mineral Spring, are located in this mountain.

Mt. cheongok

Mt. Cheongok

This recreational forest located at 12765m above sea level is filled with odd-shaped rocks and trees stretching toward the sky, which create an exotic atmosphere as if a mountain in a faraway land. Escape from the hustle-bustle of the big city by strolling along the trails built in between beautiful and fragrant trees.

Mt. taebaek

Mt. Taebaek

Measuring 1,567m above the sea level, Mt. Taebaek, together with Mt. Seorak, Mt. Odae and Mt. Hambaek, is known as a spiritual mountain of the Taebaek Mountain Range. With magnificent sunrise, the path extending from Seokmundong to the top of Mt. Taebaek was used in the old times to climb up to Cheonjedan Altar from the inland areas. During the era of Joseon dynasty, wagons of the Royal court passed through this path for worshipping at the monument of King Danjong. To this date, the traces clearly remain.


Mt. Guryong

Mt. Guryong, 1,345m above the sea level, was named so because it was known as a mountain from which dragons ascended into the heaven. According to a mythical tale, a woman carrying a water jar on her head found a dragon ascending to heaven, pulled down the tail of the dragon and the dragon, falling to the ground, turned into a snake.

Mt. Seondal

Mt. Seondal

Mt. Seondal is 1,236m above sea level. Belonging to the Sobaek Mountain range, the name 'Seondal' means both a 'place of Taoist hermits' and 'a place that must be climbed first'. Mt. Seondal is surrounded by Mt. Bonghwang to the south, Hyeongje Peak of Mt. Hoeam and Mt. Sobaek to the west, Mt. Okseok to the east and Yebae Peak of Mt. Munsu and Mt. Man to the southeast.

Mt. Okseok

Mt. Okseok

Mt. Okseok is 1,242m above sea level and is located 14km to the north of Bonghwa. According to Cheonmygyeong and Samilshingo, Mt. Okseok is a place visited by Hwanin while he was touring around the world. The name means that this mountain is filled with jade and enchanted views. Okdol Peak is located right below the mountaintop.