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21st Century Vision

Bonghwa in the 21st Century

Bonghwa will advance into a beautiful and livable city and become the Mecca of recreation and relaxation surrounded by rich forests and abundant tourism resources of Baekdudaegan and a heaven-blessed natural environment.

Waterworks System Distribution39%70%
Road Distribution71%85%
Farming Population16,200 persons10,000 persons
Internet Distribution31%70%

※ These are the long-term development plans and vision data of Bonghwa County (2006~2015) and cannot be used for statistical purposes.

Designing Local Development for the 21st Century

Design per Zone- Balanced development of the Mt. MunsuㆍMt. CheongokㆍMt. Cheongnyang area (triangular structure)

Bonghwa ZoneChunyang ZoneMyeongho Zone
Developing Ojeon Mineral Spring tourist siteDeveloping Mt. Munsu tourist siteDeveloping Mt. Cheongnyang complex
Developing Seokcheonsa Temple Site as a parkDeveloping natural recreational forestDeveloping villa complex, lodging village
Developing Dadeok Mineral Spring tourist siteDeveloping GoseonㆍNamhoeryongㆍBaekcheon ValleyDeveloping golf range
Developing agricultural and specialty products distribution complexDeveloping Sami Pavilion tourist and recreational siteDeveloping Nakdong River waterside area

Advancing as a Northern Hinterland City of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province

As a strategic point of traffic, Bonghwa County advances into a hinterland city for tourism, administration, service and research activities.

Developing into a strategic point of traffic
Improving regional arterial roads.East - West : Dangjin - Bonghwa - Pyeonghae Expressway Yeongju - Bonghwa - Hyeondong National Road (4 lanes)South - North : Yangju - Bonghwa - BusanExpresswayHyeondong - Taebaek National Road (4 lanes) Chunyang - Wuguchi - Yeongwol Semi-national Road (completed in 1998)
Beltway: Mulya - Seobyeok - Chunyang 4-lane road
Improving county arterial road opening and pavement rates (as of 2005)
Regional road, county road: 100%, rural road: 70% Temporary installation of internal bridge (1997 ~ 2000)
Opening 8 bypass roads in 'Eup' and 'Myeon' office sites
Railway between Socheon (Buncheon) and Uljin
Expanding urban infrastructures and developing central commercial areas
Expanding neighborhood sporting facilities
Improving BonghwaㆍChunyang markets, developing central commercial areas
Developing the 2nd agricultural and industrial complex (completed in 1998)
Expanding information and communications networks (administrative, wireless, mobile)
Establishing Bonghwa College
Expanding sports and recreational facilities
Expanding neighborhood sporting facilities
Expanding recreational spaces, such as parks
Improving quality of life for county residents
Expanding child care centers
Installing youth training facilities
Establishing women's facilities, mother and child health center
Expanding facilities for the elderly
Developing a retirement town
Developing composite social and welfare center
Expanding medical personnel and facilities
Installing metropolitan waterworks facilities in Bonghwa and Chunyang zones
Creating clean environment
Preserving water quality in the upper stream of Nakdong River
Installing living waste treatment plant
Installing sewage treatment plant
Installing public livestock waste treatment plant
Installing facilities to prevent pollution by closed mines

Advancing as an agricultural and Suburban City

Bonghwa is advancing into an agricultural and suburban city through a harmony between advanced technologies and agriculture.

Agriculture specialization, increasing added values
Establishing complex for special crops
Floriculture, vegetables, medicinal herbs, wild flowers
Cultivating watermelons in mountainous area (Boksubak Watermelon)
Potato seed gathering field
Complex for clean agricultural products
Large-scale apple export complex
Expanding livestock complex establishment
Expanding Hanyagu (Korean beef raised on medicinal herbs) complex establishment
Agricultural Development Center (completed in 2000)
Installing medicinal herb test field (completed in 1997)
Installing bio-engineering research center
Installing agricultural products processing plant
Establishing distribution base of agricultural products
Developing agricultural products distribution complex
Extensively expanding cultivation and irrigation facilities
Developing permanent settlement areas
Expanding development of livingㆍagricultural water supply facilities
Extensively expanding agricultural products collection and storage facilities
Creating pleasant living environment
Expanding cultural village development
Expanding waterworksㆍsewage facilities
Developing suburban type residential environments
Developing street views of rural roads

Developing into a Tourist and Recreational City

Bonghwa advances into a tourist and recreational city of enjoyment and relaxation where everyone can enjoy the bountiful culture, great mountains and the beautiful marine life.

Bonghwa ZoneChunyang ZoneMyeongho Zone
Expanding Ojeon Mineral Spring tourist site facilitiesDeveloping Mt. Munsu tourism and leisure complexSelling Mt. Cheongnyang Provincial Park development complex facilities zone
Developing mid-scale reservoir and recreational facilities in Ojeon Mineral SpringDeveloping Sami Pavilion recreational complexBuilding golf range and hotel
Developing recreational forest, mountain villageImproving and developing county border areasDeveloping Nakdong River fishing and camping site
Developing recreational complex in Ugok Mineral SpringDeveloping recreational forest, mountain villageDeveloping Dong-myeon Reservoir as a tourist site
Developing Hanul Reservoir tourist siteDeveloping tourist·recreational farm, aquatic recreational facilitiesBuilding walking trail to observatory on National Road No. 35, developing lodging village
Developing Seokcheon historical parkDeveloping weekend farms and lodging facilitiesDeveloping tourist farm, recreational facilities zone

Developing into a Cultural City

Bonghwa develops into a suburban city fully equipped with welfare and convenience facilities. Bonghwa advances as a city of culture filled with traditional cultural heritage sites s where the valuable cultural assets are developed and preserved.

Preserving traditional cultural heritage sites, developing Confucius culture
Discovering and restoring cultural heritage sites
Organizing diverse cultural events
Cheongnyang Culture Festival, various cultural events
Developing folk village (traditional village)
Developing Sinheung Yugi (brass ware) and Bonghwa
Sambe (hemp cloth) as tourist products
Expanding cultural spaces and developing cultural programs
Building folk history museum and thematic museum
Building culture and art hall and public library
Songi (pine mushroom) festival, Eun-uh (sweet smelt) festival
Charcoal-grilled pork festival, mountain green picking contest (festival)
Fireflies festival

Advancing as a City of Democratic Autonomy

Bonghwa will advance into a city of the advanced autonomy that actively reflects residents' opinions in county administration.

Activating local autonomy functions
Improving the system to collect residents' opinions
Developing active county administrative policies
Establishing conditions for efficient county administration
Implementing autonomous administration system
Improving organization efficiency and management efficiency
Providing high-quality administrative services
Expanding direct participation by residents

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