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Rock-carved Status of Seated Buddha in Bukji-ri

Rock-carved Status of Seated

A natural rock to the southeast of Jirimsa Temple was carved and a 4.3m statue of Buddha was sculpted on into the rock surface. This is a huge rock-carved statue of Buddha from the period of the Shilla.

The squarish-looking face bears an innocent smile. The hands are slightly rough, but are majestically poised.

These are the features of the Buddhist statues created during the ear of the Three States, the earlier part of the 7th century. However, considering the smooth carvings on the face and the body, this statue is presumed to be from the latter 7th century.

This statue was found during the site preparation for Suwolam (currently, Jirimsa Temple) in June 1947. For preservation of this statue, a wooden gambrel was built in about 1982. In 1983, the gambrel was painted in the traditional colors of Dancheong.